o PI (Political Ideologies: Theory & History)

Please find a copy of each week's presentation file that includes subtitles and major points.

Current Schedule

Introduction: About the Course and Political Ideologies (Introduction)

Ideology: An Overview of the Concept - pdf

Liberalism - pdf

Socialism - pdf

Conservatism - pdf

Nationalism - pdf

Anarchism - pdf

Fascism - pdf

Feminism - pdf

Fundamentalism - pdf

Environmentalism - pdf

PI Exams Dates & Results for Group 3

PI                            Date & Time                              Place                                        Weight

Midterm-1              November 18, 15.00       B2D09*, B2D10*                            30%

Midterm-2              December 19, 16.00              B1A08                                         30%

Final                                                                                                                                   40%

Büt                                                                                                                                      40%

* Students whose surnames start with A-E enter the exam in B2D09

* Students whose surnames start with G-Z enter the exam in B2D10

Overlapping Exams for Midterm-1

In case there is an overlap with another Social Science Elective exam there will be a second session starting at 17.00 in B2D02. The students who want to take the 17.00 session should inform me in advance via email with the overlapping info otherwise they cannot be registered and cannot take the exam.

Topics Covered for Midterm-1

Introduction, Liberalism, Socialism, Conservatism & Nationalism

Topics Covered for Midterm-2

Topics Covered for the Final Exam

Only the students who have received DC and below can enter the büt exam.

Course Material

Throghout the semester we will be using two books as required reading. 

* Andrew Heywood, Political Ideologies: An Introduction. London: Palgrave Macmillan, 2012, 5th edition or above.

* Kevin Bloor, The Definitive Guide to Political Ideologies. Milton Keynes: Author House, 2010. 

Please find the reading material only to be used for educational purposes from here and here.

About the Course


The aim of this course is to give an introduction to the general concept of ideology as well as the political ideologies of our time and the past century. For that purpose we will be analysing a diverse group of political ideologies including liberalism, socialism, fascism, feminism, ecologism and anarchism. The course will attempt to make the theory and the doctrine behind each ideology familiar for the student before giving the historical context from which the ideology is born. For some special weeks we will be watching films (documentaries) in order to bridge the gap between theory and history.

The students are obliged to attend the class sessions and are encouraged to actively participate in class discussions. They are also expected to ask any questions they might have about the subject matter including any part that they did not understand.

If you would like to have more detailed info, please download the course syllabus

Tentative Weekly Schedule

Week 1Introduction: About the Course and Political Ideologies (Introduction)

Week 2Liberalism (Chapter 1)

Week 3Liberalism (Chapter 1) BBC Documentary, People’s Century: “Skin Deep”

Week 4Socialism (Chapter 3)

Week 5Conservatism (Chapter 2) / Socialism (Chapter 3) BBC Documentary, People’s Century: “Red Flag”

Week 6Nationalism (Chapter 4) / Anarchism (Chapter 6)

Week 7Midterm I (tentative)

Week 8 Feminism (Chapter 5)

Week 9 -  Fascism (Chapter 7) 

Week 10Fascism (Chapter 7) / BBC Documentary, People’s Century: “Master Race”

Week 11Midterm II (tentative)

Week 12Religious Fundamentalism (Chapter 8) / Documentary: “Jesus Camp”

Week 13Ecologism (Chapter 9) / BBC Documentary, People’s Century: “Endangered Planet”

Week 14Multiculturalism (Chapter 10) 

Week 15Evaluation of the Term

Grading System

Grading system only for my groups (Gr. 3)

Grades will be classified and assigned by the OBS system.