o CTA (Cultural Theory & Analysis)


About the Course

Cultural Theory and Analysis is a postgraduate course as part of the Humanities and Social Sciences MA program.  It is an elective three- credit course.

Cultural Theory and Analysis presents the master students with an overview of the methods and strategies used in cultural studies, and familiarizes them with the main theoretical approaches in the field.  During the term we will make an attempt to comprehend and make sense of what can be called ‘cultural theory’.  In this way, the course not only aims to provide students with the necessary conceptual tools but also to prepare the grounds for more advanced theoretical research for the interested student.

The course is based on a new perspective that assumes ‘culture’, as is the case with ‘society, ‘politics’, ‘economy’ or ‘history’, to be a legitimate object of research in itself.  Maintaining an interdisciplinary framework and analyzing culture using a variety of methods and research techniques can enrich our capacity to see beyond the familiar gaze and to better grasp the complexity of any given cultural reality.  This can be done by reconciling theory and practice in a new research paradigm in line with the vision promised by cultural studies. To download the course syllabus, please click here.

Tentative Weekly Schedule

Week 1Introduction: About the Course and Cultural Studies


Week 2Cultural Theory and Cultural Studies: Terms and Methodology.  

Early Theoretical Approaches: Utilitarianism, Culturalism and Cultural Materialism

Week 3 - Manufacturing Consent: Critical Theory and the Frankfurt School

Week 4 - Film [Exit Through the Gift Shop (2010)] 

Discussion: The legacy of the Frankfurt School

Week 5 - Decoding Meaning: Semiotics, Structuralism, Post-structuralism


Week 6Audience Reception: Cultural Studies and The Legacy of Birmingham School

Week 7 - Anthropological Approaches: New Ethnography, Self and Subjectivity

Week 8Analyzing Discourse: Deconstructing “Race” and “Colour”


Week 9 - Power and Culture: Ideology, Hegemony and Discourse

Week 10 - Taste, Everyday Consumption and Subculture

Week 11 - Sexuality and Culture: Gender Identity and the Queer

Week 12 - Beyond the Nation: Cosmopolitanism, Transnationalism and the City

Week 13 - Identity and Difference: Inter-culturalism and Hybridity

Week 14 - Globalization, Space and Culture: From Cultural Village to Glocalization