o CoC (Cultures of Conspiracy)


Course Description

Conspiracy theories are popular throughout the world. Should we really take them seriously? Is a conspiracy theory just a conspiracy theory or can it be a prelude to political action? How do we differentiate a conspiracy theory from a real conspiracy? Are conspiracy theories methodologically sound? Why do we believe in conspiracy theories? Do they retain commonalities in different times and across diverse geographies, if so in what way?

This course aims to familiarize the PhD (and MA) candidates with conspiracy theorizing and the growing academic literature around it. Researching conspiracy theories is an interdisciplinary endeavor around disciplines such as history, politics, philosophy, sociology, psychology and anthropology. Thus, one aim of the course will be to understand the interdisciplinary nature of cultural studies through the theme of conspiracy theories. By researching conspiracy theories, another aim of the course will be to find ways in which a sense of methodological soundness, epistemic sophistication and critical thinking in social sciences can be achieved. To download the course syllabus please click here.

Grading System

Midterm Assignment: 30% 

Final Article: 50%

Participation: 10%

Discussion Questions: 10%